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Don’t worry, we hate spam as much as you do

Target exactly who you want. With Zero wastage.

Owning your Audience is the way to save costs and get better engagements

“Not just re-target,

Go Audience-First with us.

Cut waste, target who you want. Don’t hope, achieve

Target behavioural, intent, geo-spatial & hyper-local segments at scale

Deliver campaigns across media properties

Achieve relevant reach and frequency with high engagement




Integrated ad exchanges


million publishers encompassing websites, apps, games, etc.



Video Completion Rate



Click Through Rates

(far surpassing the accepted yardstick of 0.25-0.3% CTR)


higher than the other players in the market


One of the top platforms in the industry in terms of ad serving agility


customer segments based on diverse KPIs


Targeting visitors of 375+ Shopping Malls in 100+ Cities of India

Key Features

Owning Your Audience

  • Serve new ads to consumers who already saw your last ad
  • Analyze existing audience segments to demarcate pricing strategies
  • Power new Omni channel campaigns targeting your custom audience
  • Fine-tune your targeting when launching new products or variants
  • Design unique campaigns for the audience that interacted with your ad
  • Get full campaign analytics with end-to-end integration of granular customer data gathered across multiple channels and platforms.
  • Use campaign insights to create further customer segments based on your business KPIs.
  • Develop better products to meet the unique demands of different audience subsets
  • Choose the most effective media types and marketing vehicles

Custom Audience: Create from first party data

PI can create audiences from your first party data

  • PI ingests and activates your first party data to create digital audiences from customer data.
  • With up to *90% match rates, you can immediately start connecting to your customers.

Your first party data stays safe, always.

  • All first party data is anonymized with strong file encryption and data protection.
  • All personally identifiable information is protected from Unauthorized use or disclosure.
  • As an active member of the Digital Advertising Alliance (through its parent company IQM) PI strictly adheres to the protocols for online customer privacy.

Integrate CRM database with Programmatic

  • Maximize customer lifetime value
  • Shift focus from channel-centric to more customer-centric interactions by enhancing cross-channel reach
  • Update audience segments after each interaction
  • Create hyper-personalized offers for existing customers
  • Re-engage with inactive customers in CRM database
  • Engage with retail store visitors online to improve website traffic and vice versa

Create & Own Your Smart Audiences

Programmatic India’s AI-driven platform is a unique offering that allows you to do so

  • Create you own Smart Audiences from 25,000+ audience segments on board the PI platform
  • Add hyperlocal data sets capable of targeting by specific location attributes (Realty price, Pin Code, Municipal zones etc.) and visits (Retail, F&B, Entertainment, Places of Interest etc.)
  • Run campaigns on your own custom audiences
  • Full analytics with granular data on segment-wise action
  • Use campaign learnings to create further segments
  • All your custom audience data can be worked on, tweaked, targeted and re-targeted with full visibility of impact (impressions, engagement etc.)

Custom Audience: Geo-Farming Based Audience Building

Based on location visitations

  • Re-target your own customers
  • Target competition’s customers

A use case scenario

  • You are a real estate company participating in an industry expo with the intent to target millennials looking to buy their first home
  • You can amplify your on-ground presence by digitally targeting your desired audience within the boundary of the expo
  • PI can also geo-farm your audience data from the expo to enable you to re-target them any time later

Hyper Local Audiences At Scale

These exclusive audience segments cover all the key markets in India

How Hyper Local Works

Customize desired coverage with a proximity radius to pin-point your targeting.


Analyze consumer psychographics at a neighborhood level


Understand what customers are searching in the area inside a custom geographical polygon


Deliver extremely personalized messages to high-intent audiences within a highly specific geographical boundary e.g. shopping malls, event venues, high traffic areas, etc.


Capture consumer attention effectively 97% of marketers have reported measurable positive business results through better personalization – Evergage*

Using the power of Programmatic for OOH

Three Criteria for Accurate and Verified OOH Exposure - Viewing Distance, Direction of Travel & Location Signal Strength*

3X Higher CTR
48% Higher Mobile Response Rate

  • Attribution solutions for a variety of marketing goals including visitation, brand affinity, mobile app usage, and more.
  • Broad range of leading mobile research & data partners.
  • Transparent reporting and insights to optimize future campaigns.

The ultimate last mile solution in doctor connectivity for the Pharma industry.

A Combination of two world-class Digital Platforms To Reinforce Doctors Connect

Trusted, Medically Relevant Point-of-care tech solution comprising of a HIPAA secure medical messenger combined with our Programmatic Advertising Platform to promote pharma brands, interact securely with Doctors and share knowledge

Our Programmatic platform offers exclusive audience segments for targeting by Pharma industry across top 50 cities in India.

  • Specialist Doctors (with speciality classification)
  • General Physicians
  • Visitors to Clinics and Nursing Homes
  • Visitors to Multi-Speciality and Speciality hospitals (with speciality classification)
  • Visitors to Diagnostic centres (with speciality classification where applicable)
  • Visitors to Pharmacy stores
  • Serve brand reminders to Doctors while they are browsing their preferred websites or using their favorite apps
  • This is non-intrusive approach to brand communication gets the Doctors attention without them having to switch applications or open an email
  • The Doctors cognizance of the advertising message and level of engagement are measurable to enable brand managers fine tune brand promotion strategy

Audio and Video calls

Send or receive audio and video calls from anyone with the Rx BUZZ PRO app.

Attend patients online

  • Schedule appointments
  • Conduct video check-ups
  • Connect with patients over chat or call

Efficient Working

  • Order sample meds from pharma companies
  • Receive study materials for staying updated in their fields


Create a secure and trusted network of healthcare professionals and staff who are part of your daily workflow for seamless data sharing.

Secure Messaging

Send text messages, images, videos, and more using end-to-end HIPAA-secure encryption.

WhatsApp/SMS Friendly

Easily communicate with WhatsApp contacts that are not on Rx BUZZ PRO.


  • Timely delivery of messages with notifications
  • Conversational user interface in a dedicated org channel
  • Admin capabilities to oversee entire engagement with Doctors


  • Deliver content customized to brand with KOL criteria unobtrusively.
  • Get feedback on engagement of the Doctors with your content.


  • Gain brand feedback with augmented survey participation - perform brand reputation analysis
  • Use analytics to increase penetration
  • Increase MROI and accelerate market shares
Target Consumers Across Digital Touchpoints


About Us

Programmatic India [PI] Pvt. Ltd. is a programmatic Demand Side Platform [DSP] – the exclusive license-holder and partner of IQM Corporation in India.

IQM ranked #5 among the leading U.S. advertising and marketing corporations in 2019*and holds position #21 as the fastest growing organization in the U.S.* in 2020. It offers an Omni-channel digital media buying platform that supports AI-driven cross-device, cross- format advertising campaigns precisely targeting the right consumers.
*Inc.500 Magazine and Financial Times, UK

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